Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow Bound - Home-made embellishments

Hello Everyone

To try to prevent cabin fever setting in I decided I would get a head start on my Mum's Mother's Day Card. I was going to make a little tea rooms from our free template but realised that I had no miniature cakes and no chance of getting to the shops. After many failed ideas I raided my husband's tool cupboard and found some polyfilla, next I had to find some molds - I realised after filling every available pot and container that the best thing to use was old blister packs from tablets, strepsil packs are great as they are a decent size. I cleaned them out and ran the rounded end of a pen lid around them to get rid of all the dents and filled them with some polyfilla. Then the fun bit once they had dried, a bit of paint, followed by liquid pearls and few tiny gems to finish off. They aren't works of art but should look ok inside the shop window.