Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow Bound - Home-made embellishments

Hello Everyone

To try to prevent cabin fever setting in I decided I would get a head start on my Mum's Mother's Day Card. I was going to make a little tea rooms from our free template but realised that I had no miniature cakes and no chance of getting to the shops. After many failed ideas I raided my husband's tool cupboard and found some polyfilla, next I had to find some molds - I realised after filling every available pot and container that the best thing to use was old blister packs from tablets, strepsil packs are great as they are a decent size. I cleaned them out and ran the rounded end of a pen lid around them to get rid of all the dents and filled them with some polyfilla. Then the fun bit once they had dried, a bit of paint, followed by liquid pearls and few tiny gems to finish off. They aren't works of art but should look ok inside the shop window.


  1. What an absolutely magnificent and innovative idea Nicky, well done! I've bought lots of Fimo and moulds in the hopes of making my own embellishments to compliment your templates. Talk about one thing leads to another....!
    Congratulations too for the baby news.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. I am always on the look out for miniatures for finishing off the templates, I find them in the strangest of places. My seven year old decided that she was far too old for her barbie stuff!!! and wanted to give it away, I had a quick look through and there was loads of stuff, shoes, plates - lots of it, just repainted some of it and hey presto looked just like the real thing. I must admit since using the polyfila I have got some good old fashioned moulding compound and am constantly looking at household things in a different light wondering if I could use it as a mould.

  3. This is an absolutely brilliant idea, been trying to think of what to do with my shop front. Already made a handbag shop which turned out really well. Now to start the cake making I think and maybe some bread. Thanks for the inspiration